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As the breeze picks up and the waves beckon, there’s no better companion than a trusty kite or wing from Cabrinha’s stellar 2024 range. Cabrinha, synonymous with innovation and quality in the kitesurfing world, has outdone itself this year. 

Whether you’re an experienced enthusiast or new to the thrilling realms of kitesurfing and wing foiling, the 2024 range from Cabrinha offers options to suit all skill levels. Let’s dive into what makes this range a purchase and an investment in countless adventures on the water.

The Sky’s The Limit: Exploring Cabrinha’s 2024 Kites

The 2024 Cabrinha kite lineup showcases innovation and performance, offering various models tailored to suit every kitesurfer’s style and skill level. This collection promises to enhance the kitesurfing experience, making every ride unforgettable. Let’s explore what sets each model apart in this exciting range.

1) Cabrinha Drifter (Surf / Freestyle Surf):

A jewel in the crown for surf lovers, the Drifter range, expansive sizes from 5m to 12m, is the quintessential choice for those who dance along the waves. Its unrivaled down-the-line drift and pinpoint control make it ideal for slicing through waves and injecting a dose of freestyle into your surf sessions. 

The 2024 model enhances this legacy with refined aerodynamics and materials, ensuring that your connection with the ocean is as seamless as ever.

Cabrinha 2024 Drifter Action Shots - 4 Cabrinha 04S Drifter Kite C2 Cabrinha 04S Drifter Kite C1 Cabrinha 04S Drifter Kite C3


2) Cabrinha Switchblade (Performance Freeride):

The Switchblade reigns as the all-rounder, embodying a harmonious blend of power, stability, and responsiveness. Its vast size ranges from 5m to 14m and caters to ambitious beginners and seasoned thrill-seekers aiming for the sky. The latest iteration builds on its legendary status with improved efficiency and lighter handling, making every session an exhilarating experience.

Cabrinha 2024 Switchblade Action Shots - 4 Cabrinha 04S Switchblade Kite C2 Cabrinha 04S Switchblade Kite C1 Cabrinha 04S Switchblade Kite C3


3) Cabrinha Moto X (Versatile Freeride/Crossover):

Embracing versatility, the Moto X series is designed for riders who see no boundaries. Available from 4m to 14m, it adapts to your style, whether cruising, performing freestyle tricks, or riding the waves. The 2024 models introduce advancements in materials and design, offering a responsive, durable kite that is incredibly fun to ride.

Cabrinha 2024 Moto X Action Shots - 9 Cabrinha 04S Moto X Kite C2 Cabrinha 04S Moto X Kite C1 Cabrinha 04S Moto X Kite C3

4) Cabrinha Moto X Apex & Moto XL Apex:

Pushing the limits of crossover performance, the Moto X Apex and Moto XL Apex variants stand out with their use of ULTRA HT materials, offering unparalleled responsiveness and control. The Apex (7m to 12m) is perfect for those seeking agility and precision, while the XL Apex (13m to 17m) is the go-to for light wind conditions, ensuring that every day is a good day to ride.

Cabrinha 2024 Moto XL Action Shots - 7 Cabrinha 04S Moto XL Apex Kite C4 Cabrinha 04S Moto X Apex Kite C4

5) Cabrinha Nitro Apex (Performance Big Air):

Designed for adrenaline seekers, the Nitro Apex series, sizes from 6m to 12m, is all about big air and hang time. Its construction is focused on providing stability and lift, allowing riders to reach new heights and enjoy the view from above.

Cabrinha 2024 Nitro Action Shots - 2 Cabrinha 04S Nitro Apex Kite C4 Cabrinha 04S Nitro Apex Kite C4 - Image 3 Cabrinha 2024 Nitro Action Shots - 3

6) Cabrinha Contra Aether & FX2:

The Contra Aether addresses the light wind scenarios, ensuring that your kiting doesn’t pause when the winds do. Meanwhile, the FX2 series is tailored for freestylers pursuing dynamic performance and unparalleled speed, offering a kite that responds to every command with precision and agility.

Cabrinha 2023 Contra Aether Kite - All Colours Cabrinha FX2 Kite 2023 - C4 GREY / WHITE Cabrinha FX2 Kite 2023 - C3 BLUE / WHITE

Elevating Your Adventure: The 2024 Cabrinha Wing Collection

The 2024 Cabrinha wing collection is set to transform wing foiling with its user-friendly yet high-performing designs. Suitable for all skill levels, these wings promise to enhance your experience across various conditions, showcasing Cabrinha’s commitment to innovation and versatility in the sport.

1) Cabrinha Mantis (V3 & V4):

At the heart of Cabrinha’s wing lineup, the Mantis series shines with its user-centric design, appealing to both novices and veterans of the sport. The V3 and V4 iterations bring forward enhancements focusing on ease of handling and versatile performance. 

Whether you’re making your first glide on the water or carving sharp turns, the Mantis wings offer stability and control that instill confidence and joy in every session.

Cabrinha 2024 Mantis - 7 Cabrinha 04S Mantis Wing C3 Cabrinha 04S Mantis Wing C2 Cabrinha 04S Mantis Wing C1

2) Cabrinha Vision (2023 & 2024 models):

The Vision wings are about broadening your horizons with lightweight construction and expansive range. These wings are designed to serve a spectrum of foilers and deliver a balanced ride that combines lift, control, and maneuverability. 

The 2023 and 2024 models continue this legacy, ensuring every outing is a seamless blend of fun and performance, making them a staple in the quiver of any discerning rider.

Cabrinha 2024 Vision - 3 Cabrinha 04S Vision Wing C3 Cabrinha 04S Vision Wing C2 Cabrinha 04S Vision Wing C1


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