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We specialise in Cabrinha Products, selling Kites, Kiteboards, Surfboards, Foils, Wings, Accessories and Spares. The ONE stop shop for Cabrinha

The allure of a surfboard is indescribable. The exchange of power between oneself and the ocean, whether gliding atop towering waves or leisurely exploring, is truly unique. What has always been sought after is a surfboard that is lightweight, sturdy, and flexible. Cab Design Works has devoted extensive effort to develop a groundbreaking technology that delivers the sensations we all crave.

Introducing IsoFlex technology, which draws inspiration from the Isopoda family in the ocean. By strategically integrating materials within a fiberglass sandwich construction, the board can flex and bend during turns and maneuvers while retaining its durability against the demands of kiteboarding.

No other kiteboards in the industry offer the same degree of resilience and performance. Whether carving through waves or preparing for strapless tricks, this is the construction that will elevate your abilities to new heights.