Cabrinha Fusion X-Series Wings MKi – 2022

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SIZES: X950 / X1300 / X1600 / X1950

The best part of the last 5 years has been the rise in hybrid development and crossover technology amongst sports. No where is this more evident than in foil boarding. The hydrofoil has become the common denominator in all of the surf and wind sports today.

Therefore, it reasons that its important to have a hydro wing-set capable of crossing between sporting genres with flawless performance and capability. Enter the X Series™ wings from Cabrinha. The design of the X Series™ recognizes and exploits the most important features needed in all hydrofoiling genres. Lift, efficiency and control are the three pillars that drive the X Series’ high performance and buttery smooth ride.

Through a combination of outlines and wing profiles the X series delivers a smooth lift and stable flight with precise turning and control.
The X Series’ efficiency is enhanced by our all new Cab Fusion mast and fuselage ecosystem. The Cab Fusion is a redesign from the bottom up to remove any unwanted ‘play’ in the system while streaming the connection between the wings and the fuselage. The resulting increase in stiffness and reduction in drag puts the X Series wings into an all new class of hydrofoils.
The X Series comes in 4 sizes to cover an incredibly wide range of rider weights and uses. If you do more than one sport you’ll be confident that your entire foil system will crossover with an astounding level of performance across genres.
Mast sold separately
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Swept LE, Straight TE, Lean efficient profile, moderate anhedral


  • Loose and agile feel for superior maneuverability
  • Optimal efficiency and lift
  • Integrated fuselage with tapered fit
  • Incredible torsional stiffness and minimum drag
  • Full prepreg carbon construction
  • EPS core for superior strength to weight ratio
  • Moderate anhedral for a more efficient lift platform
  • Draft forward profile for a forgiving ride and early predictable lift
  • Modular


  • X950- 950cm^2, WS 630mm, AR 4.2, Vol 1.18L
  • X1300- 1300cm^2, WS 780mm, AR 4.7, Vol 1.6L
  • X1600- 1600cm^2 WS 900mm, AR 5.05, Vol 2L
  • X1950- 1950 cm^2, WS 1000mm, AR 5.13, Vol 2.5L

Set includes:

Front wing, wing covers.

Brass ‘through bolt’ adds torsional stiffness to the wing / mast connection point.

The incorporation of pre-coated carbon sheets in our design process ensures accurate resin absorption, which combined with our unique interweave design that follows the shape and profile of the wings, delivers unmatched levels of torsional stiffness and reflex response.

The modularity of the CAB Fusion system allows you to seamlessly interchange between any of the X-Series and H-Series front wings and stabilizers.


Cabrinha Carbon 02S X Series Foil Guide




Foiling is a sport that offers a wide range of experiences. From riding waves to harnessing the wind, each approach offers a unique sensation that can’t be found anywhere else. With every rider being different, we provide a modular approach to foil building so that you can create a custom set-up that’s perfect for your individual needs.


The front wing is the most integral part of the foil setup, and defines the feel and direction of your experience. We offer 3 different collections of front wings to suit all levels and disciplines of foiling.

X Series MKII:  Maneuverability, versatility, stability.

H:Series:  High Speed Maneuverability.

H: Series MKII: Glide, Efficiency, performance.


The stabilizer is an essential component of any setup, providing crucial directional control and stability. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different styles to find what works best for you, but keep in mind that smaller stabilizers tend to be more maneuverable and less stable, while larger stabilizers offer greater stability and a more secure ride.

V Series:  Perfect for whatever style.  180 for a loose fast ride, 230 for all round and 285 for the ultimate stability.


Achieve peak performance in hydrofoiling with the appropriate fuselage length. With different sizes to choose from, a short fuselage grants more maneuverability, while a longer one yields improved stability.

Fusion Fuselages:

Multiple Lengths to suit your riding style (only applicable with X and V Series Stabilizers).

  • 276 mm: Excellent maneuverability (Available in Alloy)
  • 346mm: All round performance and reliable stability (Available in Alloy or Carbon)
  • 416mm: Maximum stability (Available in Alloy)


For hydrofoiling, the mast is a crucial element of the setup. Cabrinha provides a range of sizes and materials to choose from, ensuring that every rider can find the perfect fit for their ability and foiling discipline.

Fusion Carbon Mast Hollow:  Superior Technical Design.  Lightweight, High speed profile, and maximum response.

Sizes:  74cm, 84cm, 94cm

Fusion Alloy Mast MKII: The Versatile System.   Durability, stiffness and accessibility.

Sizes: 40cm, 65cm, 75cm, 85cm

Two plate options are also available for the Fusion Alloy Mast.  The standard Fusion Alloy Top Plate, or the quick connecting FQR system.


The final link in the chain is deciding on the mast length you need. Sport, location and ability all play a key roll in this step, but with many options available, there is something to suit all styles.


40cm: Entry into the sport:  Wing Foil / Surf Foil / Kite Foil
65cm: Surf Foil / Wing Foil
74/75cm: Wing Foil / Surf Foil / Kite Foil
84/85cm: Wing Foil / Surf Foil / Kite Foil / Tow Foil
94/95cm: Wing Foil / Kite Foil / Tow Foil

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X950, X1300, X1600, X1950

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