Cabrinha FX2 Kite – 2022


SIZES: 7 / 8 / 9 / 11

Every situation has two perspectives, just like how a coin has two sides, and the new Cabrinha FX2 is no exception.

While we pay homage to its roots, we’ve completely overhauled the design to elevate the Cabrinha FX2’s performance to new heights in the realm of big air. With the ability to pull off lightning-fast, powerful loops and cushion your descent, this kite offers unparalleled height and hang time.

Our modern, progressive flying machine is a game-changer that will take your skills to new levels.

Staying true to the original Freestyle Crossover name, we’ve also developed a professional-level 6-line bridle system that provides the C-kite feel that riders need to execute the latest tricks and secure a spot on the podium.

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Cabrinha 2023 FX2 Kite - Style Selector


Cabrinha 2023 FX2 Kite - Wind Range


The 2022 year’s version of the Cabrinha FX2 kite has been purposefully designed with freeride performance in mind. The lightweight canopy design has been refined for enhanced responsiveness and reduced weight, making it ideal for drifting in waves or taking to the skies on a foil. Additionally, ultralight bladders have been added to the kite, further reducing its overall weight.

The Nano Ripstop Canopy material not only ensures durability but also enhances the kite’s stability and responsiveness. We highly recommend this versatile kite to riders who want to excel in all aspects of the sport, whether it’s jumping high or playing in the waves. With its impressive performance, this kite can do it all.


3 Strut, Modified C shape arc, Swept wing tip, moderate aspect ratio design, Freestyle profile, 3 bridle setting options and 6-line setup (sold separately).


  • Heavy duty closing seam construction
  • Nano Ripstop Canopy, the benchmark in durability, stability and responsiveness
  • High Tenacity Dacron for enhanced arc stability and improved handling characteristics
  • Strategic canopy reinforcements in the high stress areas
  • Pure Profile Panels for efficient aerodynamics
  • No pulley bridle for a more direct steering input and feedback
  • Three leading edge bridle options to customize arc shape and performance
  • Explosive pop and slack for freestyle manoeuvres
  • Forward pull and quick recovery for kite loops
  • Smooth power delivery with excellent depower
  • 6-line freestyle setup (sold separately)


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7, 8, 9, 11

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