NeilPryde Fly II PRO Wing – 2024

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Sizes: 3.5 / 4.0 / 4.5 / 5.0 / 5.5 / 6.0 / 6.5 m

The 2024 FLY II PRO is an innovative advancement of the first FLY edition from 2023. The shape has undergone revisions similar to those of the FLY II, but it has also been enhanced with premium materials to deliver exceptional performance and user experience.

From the original FLY, our goal was to enhance stability, stiffness, and improve handling and control. The FLY II PRO introduces Aluula Aeris X, featuring a +/-45° X weave as opposed to regular Aluula, with lightweight Aeris wingtips, resulting in significantly increased bias stiffness. This enables a thinner and stiffer Leading Edge (LE) than ever before. Additionally, since the materials are composed of a single polymer, they are ready for recycling.

In general the handle weight has been reduced, the FLY PRO now features even lighter carbon handles with black EVA without texture, for a clean and technical look.
The sizes are carefully chosen – the half square metre increments of the Fly Pro are optimum for the more ‘pro‘ rider. From 3,5 to 6,5 – you can find your ideal premium NeilPryde wing.


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NeilPryde Fly II Wing Size Recommendation



High Lift Coefficient Concept By incorporating highly refined LE geometry and precisely engineered entry shaping, each wing achieves maximum thrust, power, and acceleration relative to its size. This groundbreaking design significantly expands the performance range, enabling riders to utilize a smaller wing than typically required for specific conditions. The outcome is enhanced maneuverability and improved handling, revolutionizing the riding experience.
Modified Delta Platform The modified delta platform design enhances the efficiency of the leading edge (LE) shape and introduces an elliptical spanwise lift distribution. These improvements result in superior upwind performance and enhanced control, empowering riders with even greater capabilities.
The Dihedral Front Profile The strategic implementation of the dihedral angle not only increases wingtip clearance, allowing for higher aspect ratios, but also enhances roll stability, particularly during flagging. This innovative feature ensures a more controlled and stable wing experience.
Low Drag Wingtips with Linear Washout The incorporation of low drag wingtips with linear washout yields multiple benefits. The reduced diameter of the leading edge at the wingtips minimizes drag, enabling dynamic twist and significantly improving low-end acceleration during pumping. Furthermore, it enhances control when the wing is powered up, delivering an unparalleled level of performance.
Vented Strut The vented strut design features a large opening between the LE and the front of the fill panel, connecting the canopy to the strut. This intelligently equalizes pressure across both sides of the wing, resulting in overall performance enhancements and further augmenting stability. The Vented Strut sets a new standard for wing design and takes performance to greater heights.

NEW FOR 2024

Leading Edge Reduction The Leading Edge (LE) diameter has been decreased 9-12% for the FLY II PRO (more so in larger sizes) to reduce drag and allow higher inflation pressures.
Evolved Window Shape Evolved window shape adds outboard elements to improve visibility when sheeted in. X Ply Windows in front and back.
Increased Wingtip Sweep Wingtip sweep has been increased to improve upwind stability and and for more control while holding the wing in a neutral position. The pointing ability is improved due to moved Center of Effort slightly to the leech. The use of Aluula Aeris material in the LE and wing tips allowed us to create a thinner, lighter and stiffer LE and wing tip than ever before.
Traverse Paneling Update The new wings have much more precise shaping built in, while retaining the transverse paneling that holds it‘s shape under load and stretches much less over time.



Neil Pryde Wing Features and Innovations

High Tension Canopy With Structured Camber Lens The 3D configuration of the canopy leading edge is meticulously designed using a network of transverse panels that converge towards the wingtips. This innovative approach harnesses the inherent strength of the Leading Edge Tube structure, allowing for optimal tension distribution in the crucial entry sections. The outcome is twofold: Firstly, it generates increased lift and a higher stall angle, enabling superior acceleration in light winds. Secondly, it facilitates efficient flight at low angles of attack, enhancing control and enabling higher top speeds even in strong winds. This advanced canopy shape is a testament to our commitment to delivering unparalleled performance across a wide range of wind conditions.
Transverse Canopy Paneling

The construction technique employed aligns the threadlines of the canopy panels with the load path, resulting in a more stable flying shape. This meticulous approach not only enhances stability during flight but also contributes to the long-term durability of the canopy. By ensuring that the load is distributed efficiently along the optimal pathways, we achieve a wing design that excels in both performance and longevity.

Intergral Batten System

The inclusion of sewn-in composite battens brings forth a multitude of benefits. These battens effectively create a flat and streamlined trailing edge, promoting optimal aerodynamic performance. By minimizing flutter, the wing maintains stability at high speeds, ensuring a smooth and efficient flight experience. The sewn-in composite battens are a testament to our commitment to precision engineering and the pursuit of a superior wing design.

Staggered Material Weights on LE

By incorporating an ultra-light, high-tenacity woven polyester material at the wingtips and the back of the strut, we have achieved a remarkable reduction in swing weight. This innovative choice not only significantly lightens the overall feel of the wing but also enhances maneuverability and responsiveness. The implementation of this advanced material showcases our dedication to providing an exceptional user experience by optimizing weight distribution and maximizing control.

Boundary Panels on Canopy Perimeter To enhance strength and durability, the canopy structure is fortified with a resilient high tenacity ripstop frame. This robust frame extends from the center of the canopy, runs along the trailing edges to the wingtips, and seamlessly follows the Leading Edge (LE) tube back to the center. This strategic reinforcement ensures maximum structural integrity throughout the wing, effectively withstanding the forces encountered during various maneuvers. With this meticulously designed framework, we prioritize both strength and durability, providing riders with a reliable and long-lasting wing for their adventures.
Perfomance Driven Static Tension Distribution

Neil Pryde Fly wings feature a canopy tension distribution that resembles that of a windsurf sail. The tension is highest at the forward section and gradually relaxes towards the trailing edge. When the wing is under load, this design creates an improved flying shape, with the camber remaining locked forward and a smooth, unobstructed trailing edge. The strategic tension distribution optimizes performance and ensures a streamlined wing profile for enhanced efficiency.


Separate Air Chambers: The inclusion of independent air chambers adds an extra layer of safety to the wing. Each chamber operates autonomously, further enhancing stability and reliability.

Push Valve for Quick Inflation & Deflation: The Push Valve mechanism enables rapid inflation and deflation of the wing. This feature guarantees a swift and hassle-free setup, providing riders with more time on the water.

Bladder Made in Germany: The bladder, responsible for air containment within the wing, is meticulously crafted in Germany. This ensures exceptional quality, durability, and performance, meeting the highest industry standards.

Anti-Twist-System for Bladder: The Anti-Twist-System is ingeniously designed to prevent bladder rotation. This innovative system enhances wing stability and maintains proper alignment, resulting in optimal performance during maneuvers and gusty conditions.


Rigid Tubular Handles with Proprietary Base System

Our Rigid Tubular Handles feature a proprietary base system that offers unparalleled roll control and comfort. These handles are thoughtfully designed to provide the perfect structure for adding a harness line, ensuring a secure and stable connection.

Ergonomic Design

The handle bases seamlessly integrate into the strut, creating a streamlined and ergonomic design. The arc of the handle plane reduces fatigue and positions the wing at the optimum flight angle, enhancing overall performance and control.

Integral Impact Protection

To prioritize safety, the curved front handle incorporates a bumper beneath the EVA grip. This innovative feature protects both you and your board from potential impacts, providing peace of mind during intense maneuvers.

Drop Grip Front Handle

The vertical section on the forward handle is specifically designed for flagging and waveriding. This unique drop grip design offers improved roll control compared to conventional flagging handles, ensuring optimal performance in challenging conditions.

Calibrated Handle Positions

The handles are strategically positioned equidistant from the center of effort on each wingsize, promoting effortless balanced flight. For larger wings, longer handles are incorporated, offering riders various hand position options to maximize power or reduce fatigue.

PVC Windows with Structural Elements

Our wings are equipped with high-quality polished PVC windows, ensuring maximum visibility while maintaining durability. These windows are reinforced with integral structural elements, effectively distributing transverse loads to minimize canopy distortion and stretch. This combination of visibility and strength guarantees a reliable and enjoyable winging experience.

FLY II PRO Material Highlights



Exceptionally strong, durable & balanced fabrics.

Using the same patented ALUULA Fuse™ process as the structural fabrics, ALUULA Aeris X™ fabrics feature additional reinforcement on the bias that delivers exceptionally balanced performance for applications such as kite and wing canopy, and sails.

Aeris X™ fabrics are typically 20-50% lighter than incumbent fabrics, yet are 3-4 times stronger and 6 times better in tear resistance. After 800 hours of simulated UV exposure, Aeris X™ is 6 times stronger and has a staggering 64 times higher tear strength than incumbent canopy/sail fabrics.



Exceptionally durable & ultralight

Built using the same ALUULA Fuse™ process as the more structural fabrics, the ALUULA Aeris™ family combines the unmatched strength performance of the ALUULA Core™ along with the toughest and strongest ultralight films available.

This results in a softer hand feel but unrivaled strength, tear and abrasion characteristics.


NeilPryde Fly II PRO Specifications

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