NeilPryde Wing Pump



Introducing our versatile pump designed for inflating wings, kites, and paddleboards. Equipped with a classic kite connector and three adapters, including a SUP nozzle, it offers compatibility with various inflatables. The pump features two modes: a faster double action mode for efficient inflation during both the up and down strokes of the piston, and a single action mode that requires less effort and inflates only during the down stroke.

Built with convenience in mind, the pump’s housing includes a dedicated space for signing, allowing for easy identification of the owner in case of loss. It is equipped with a clear pressure gauge, providing precise pressure readings to ensure optimal inflation for your wing, kite, or board. With its reliable performance and durable construction, this pump is an essential tool for wingfoilers and kitesurfers alike.


One Size

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  • 4 connectors including kite and SUP adaptor
  • Single and double action mode
  • Easy-to-read, precise pressure gauge
  • Label to sign the pump
  • Perfect for every wingfoiler and kitesurfer

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