NeilPryde Glide Swift Carbon 2023 – Set

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SIZES: 85CM Mast

Unlock the pinnacle of freedom on the water with the revolutionary NeilPryde Glide Swift Carbon, the ultimate all-round foil designed specifically for winging enthusiasts!

Experience unparalleled performance with its innovative rounded delta middle section and high aspect wings, delivering effortless lift, exceptional glide, and unmatched speed. From beginners to experts, the NeilPryde Glide Swift Carbon caters to all skill levels, offering easy control and early take-off even without perfect pumping technique.

Its dominance at the top GWA events proves that it goes beyond being just a beginner’s foil. Prepare to be impressed by its remarkable performance in racing, pumping sections, waves, and freestyle disciplines.

**Choose from a full set of sizes 8-14 or opt for the front wing only in size 6**





NeilPryde GLIDE creates a playground for building new surfing sensations. With a stable and fast take off no matter the surf conditions, the NeilPryde GLIDE delivers superior gliding and controlled speed to ride waves as far as they can flow. On the wave, the NeilPryde GLIDE allows you to fly through the sections and progress from straight riding to progressive foil-turns. Your imagination is now the only limitation to how you will use the waves and how far you will fly.

Achieve optimal efficiency with our meticulously designed foils, crafted with a high-quality pre-preg carbon layup for superior performance. Experience unparalleled speed and streamlined performance.

Our foils feature reliable and fast connections, ensuring a smooth ride every time. At our NeilPryde Maui Design Center, our foils are meticulously crafted and rigorously tested by Nils Rosenblad, a renowned sail designer and America’s Cup engineer. We take pride in incorporating feedback from our global team to continuously improve our products. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of being the best in the industry.

Full carbon, high aspect ratio front wing
High modulus carbon mast for perfect stiffness
Blended mast-fuselage connection for lowest possible drag
Unique swept back front wing for speed and stability
Works for everyone, from beginners to experts


What are the major advancements from the previous Glide Wings ?

The Glide Swift foil represents a departure from the original Glide concept, offering a unique blend of glide and performance. Its medium/high aspect ratio combines the efficiency of high aspect foils with the user-friendly characteristics of medium aspect foils.

Front Wing Details

The carbon front wing is designed with an inflected leading edge, featuring outer high-aspect sections and a moderate center sweep, enhancing agility and providing control during sharp turns. The low-drag wingtips not only reduce drag but also minimize the risk of injury

Tail Wing Details

The swept wing design of the tail, with turned up wingtips, strikes a balance between speed, stability, and maneuverability. Its sweep contributes to remarkable stability relative to its size, while maintaining responsiveness and forgiving turning capabilities.

Variable Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of the front wings varies across sizes, ranging from 9.1 in the smallest 600cm2 wing to 7.3 in the largest 1450 cm2 wing. This ensures optimized glide performance in each size without compromising turning and control.

Technical Advancements

The super stiff carbon mast and the optimized mast-fuselage connection deliver maximum speeds and a direct steering feel, thanks to their high stability. The integrated blended-fuselage connection reduces drag and enhances stiffness by increasing the chord thickness at the fuse. Additionally, the turned up and rounded wingtips optimize overall performance while reducing the risk of injury.

Is the NeilPryde Glide Swift compatible with the rest of the Glide System ?

All components of the Glide system are compatible with each other, giving you the flexibility to choose between purchasing a complete Glide Swift system or individual front and tail wings.

For more information on compatibility, please refer to the details provided further down this page.


Lift & Acceleration Smooth, early lift for easy takeoff and touchdown, even at low speeds.
Glide and Stability Long glides and stable rides.
Dihedral Front Profile Glide Series is designed to be able to rip through radical turns. The dihedral medium aspect ratio of the front wings allow you to keep generating lift even when the foil is radically tilted to one side or another. You will come out of turns with more speed and lift than you went in with.
Smooth Edges Because safety is no accident. Our Glide Series wings are some of the safest high-performance wings on the market.
Glide Series Compatibility · Glide Series components are designed to work seamlessly with each other.
· Glide Aluminum masts will fit Glide Aluminum Fuselages and Glide Carbon masts will fit Glide Carbon Fuselages.
· All Glide front wings and tail wings will fit on all Glide fuselages
Streamlined Connections Glide Swift Carbon features an updated wing to fuselage connection for maximum strength, stiffness and the most streamlined water flow possible.


85cm carbon mast for a light weight setup.

Glide Surf Carbon 70cm Fuselage made of aluminium

Molded carbon surf plate for ultimate stiffness.

Your choice for size for front & back wing (stabilizer) set. See below

All foils are supplied with a T-40 torx drive, and come with titanium plated stainless steel bolts for maximum strength to weight ratio, preventing any corrosion problems.


Vinnicius Martins – Love at First Sight. “Since I tried the Swift for the first time I was in love with the foil! It is so intuitive, easy to use and has superior maneuverability. The perfect foil for an unforgettable day on the water”

Yentel Caers – Won the first ever Foil Style windsurf foiling event ever on the Glide Swift at EFPT Vieste!. “I was using the new Swift foil in Vieste, the 800. I put a bigger tail wing to compensate for the short fuselage. It is the best foil I have ever tried for winging and foil style windsurfing!”


Carbon Mast Options – 75cm
– 85cm
– 95cm
Aluminium Mast Options – 55cm
– 75cm
– 85cm
Fuselage Options – 60cm (Glide Surf Carbon)
– 71cm (Glide & Swift Carbon)
– 71cm (Glide Aluminum)
– 81cm (Glide Aluminum)
* Aluminium Fuselage must be used with Aluminum Mast
* Carbon Fuselage must be used with Carbon Mast
Glide Wind & Surf Front Wing Options / Area 11: 1130, 13: 1300, 15: 1490, 17: 1650, 19: 1850, 21: 2100, 23: 2270
Glide Wind & Surf Tail Wing Options / Area 210 (fits with Front Wings 11, 13, 15)
235 (fits with Front Wings 17, 19, 21, 23)
Glide Swift Front Wings / Area 6: 600, 8: 800, 10: 1000, 12: 1200, 14: 1450
Glide Swift Tail Wings / Area 210 (fits with Front Wings 6, 8, 10)
270 (fits with Front Wings 12, 14)
Carbon vs Aluminium – Aluminium masts must be used with Aluminium fuselages.
– Carbon masts mast be used with Carbon fuselages.
– All Glide and Swift front and tail wings fit all fuselages.
Head Plates – Carbon Masts come with fixed Surf Plate.
– Aluminium masts have interchangeable heads in the following options.
– Surf Plate
– Deep Tuttle
– Powerbox


Glide Swift 6 74 600 12.7 9.1 210
Glide Swift 8 82 800 14.7 8.4 210
Glide Swift 10 91 1000 16.5 8.3 210
Glide Swift 12 96 1200 18.7 7.7 270
Glide Swift 14 103 1450 21.2 7.3 270

SPAN: Length of wing measured from end to end.
AREA: Projected area of the wing on a flat plane.
CHORD: (Maximum chord) – width of the wing measured at the centre.
ASPECT RATIO: Span squared divided by the area.
TAIL WING: Projected area of the tail wing on a flat plane.

**Sizes 8-14 are available as a full set. Size 6 is available as a front wing only.**


Switching from Glide Series to Glide Swift or considering adding Glide Swift wings to your quiver? We recommend using around 500cc smaller Glide Swift Wings than comparable Glide Series wings. Please see our recommended sizing comparison below.

Glide HP 11 Glide Swift 6 Tail 210
Glide HP 13 Glide Swift 8 Tail 210
Glide HP 15 Glide Swift 10 Tail 210
Glide HP 17 Glide Swift 12 Tail 270
Glide HP 19 Glide Swift 14 Tail 270
Glide HP 23 Glide Swift 14 Tail 270

Additional information

Front Wing Size

8 – 800 cm2, 10 – 1000 cm2, 12 – 1200 cm2, 14 – 1450 cm2


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